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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  August 29, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> duis are not acceptable, but dui goes lower on the totem pole for me than abuse of a woman. i think that is absolutely just horrendous. >> i agree that the nine-game suspension for aldon smith was correct, but ray rice, two games for what he did, i think he should have been suspended equal amount or greater. >> reporter: now the niners will kick things off without a defensive force. the 49ers released a statement this afternoon about the smith suspension saying, "aldon has taken responsibility for his actions and has continued to show growth personally and professionally." they say they'll continue to support him while focusing on the season ahead. we will have more fan reaction to the aldon smith suspension tonight at 6:00. for now, we're reporting live from levi's stadium in santa clara, scott budman, nbc bay area news. and we have more details into aldon smith's troubled tenure with the niners. he was named in a lawsuit in
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december of 2012 after a shooting took place at a san jose home during a house party. roughly one year later in september of 2013, he was arrested in san jose after crashing his pickup truck into a tree. police say he was driving under the influence of alcohol and in possession of marijuana. and this past april, smith was arrested at lax after authorities say he made a bomb threat. he did not face charges for that. last month on july 18th, smith was sentenced to 11 days in a work program and probation for his conviction on three assault weapons charges and two dui charges. we continue our coverage online. our chief investigative reporter broke the story about smith's run-ins with the law. that's at now to the south napa earthquake. inspectors are now doing a second round of evaluations of buildings and homes. at this point they've tagged more than 1,000 structures. about 900 are yellow tagged, meaning caution needs to be used. 153 buildings and homes are on
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the red tagged list, means can't go in, uninhabitable and inspectors caution those numbers may go even higher. this holiday weekend is taking on extra significance for napa, the economy there largely revolving around tourism. the fear is tourists may have been scared away by the quake. certainly, they are trying to attract a lot of visitors and are getting the word out, mark? >> reporter: they are trying to get the word out. this is the beginning of the fall tourist season, when in a normal year wine enthusiasts would be making their pilgrimage to the wine country. the question this year, what sort of economic aftershocks might still be to come? at several of napa's famed wineries, the grapes are ready, crush is under way. saints berry winery cofounder says the weekend's reservations are solid. >> we have had a few cancellations, but i think people realize that napa's open for business. >> reporter: well, some of napa is open for business. several blocks of downtown remain fenced off and down main
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street there are still several closed restaurants and shops. in fact, more than 1,000 structures have now either been red or yellow tagged. >> we're open on monday, tuesday, and wednesday. >> reporter: closed on thursday? >> exactly. we have every color tag there is. >> reporter: it's been a frustrating week. building inspectors closed him down yesterday and he just started this business two and a half weeks ago. >> for the last year we've been investing money, landlord has been investing money in this business. >> reporter: it would be good, he hopes to be open tonight or by lunch tomorrow. >> it's a big weekend, the kickoff of harvest of napa valley and it's important for our employees. this is, you know, a big weekend for them to make money, too. >> reporter: mike corcoran came up with his yacht club like every labor day. >> we enjoy coming up here, we enjoy the downtown environment. >> reporter: any thought about not coming this year because of the quake? >> no. >> reporter: this family from san mateo came to celebrate mom's birthday. >> coming from nearby, we didn't have any concerns, so it seems
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to be doing great. >> reporter: napa depends on tourism, and while this weekend is not the tourist equivalent of black friday, you can tell how important it is by talking to the head of the local tourism council. >> 98% of the hotels that are hope, 95% of the wineries are open, 95% of the restaurants are open, and properties that have been closed are opening up every day. >> reporter: that's the message that the town has been pushing all week, hoping that all the attention over the quake will help entice tourists to return to the wine country, but in spite of the brave face, it is not all wine and roses, businesses that depend on locals are suffering and that's the story we are working on for 6:00. reporting from napa, mark matthews, nbc bay area news. speaking of the quake, a herculean task finish tonight, water service has been restored to everyone who lives in napa. the public works department started out with 120 water line breaks after sunday's quake. today work crews repaired the final 20 ruptures. since the quake, repairs have
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been going on around the clock with help from other counties. our earthquake coverage continues at 6:00. we sit down with perhaps the biggest name in napa wine. what robert has to say about the destruction and recovery. in campbell right now, lanes of hamilton avenue are closed after a driver hit and killed a man. campbell police say 70-year-old was walking across the street this afternoon at the intersection of hamilton and winchester when he was struck by a car. the driver did stay on the scene and is cooperating with police. investigators say the man was walking outside the crosswalk when the accident occurred. westbound lanes in the area will be closed until 6:00 p.m. tonight. an east bay officer is getting a look at the other side of the criminal justice system, accused of a vicious attack on a woman. police say that officer attacked the woman with a bat while hiding behind a mask. nbc bay area's christie smith is in walnut creek with more on the accusations and what may have sparked this very bizarre
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attack. >> reporter: good evening to you, richmond police say it was certainly most unexpected that the suspect they arrested in connection with a very violent attack on their streets was actually a walnut creek police officer, a 30-year veteran. >> we'd already gone to bed and started hearing a thumping, banging noise. sounding kind of similar to a car door slamming, but happening over and over again. >> reporter: she says she later discovered that sound was probably a bat swinging at a car, broken glass is still visible near her home on clinton avenue in richmond. august 16th, 2:00 a.m., neighbors called 911. >> two police officers had already arrived and they were starting to talk to the man in the car, and then just moments later, the woman ran up the street yelling that he had attacked and chased her. >> reporter: richmond police say witnesses pointed them to a car where the suspect had retreated. >> a witness described a male
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with a mask and a baseball bat walking to that vehicle and later discovered the mask on the floorboard of the vehicle and the bat in the trunk of the car. >> reporter: that suspect was identified as 54 year old gregory thompson, a walnut creek police officer. investigators say he was off duty, not in uniform, and did not give an official statement. police also say one of his deceased relatives does have a home on the block and one lieutenant told us it had recently been vandalized, however, police have not officially given a motive for the attack. the female victim they say simply ran out of gas on the street. neighbors are stunned by the crime. >> it's been quiet over there, no real activity at all. this is so bizarre for this neighborhood. >> reporter: now that officer is on paid leave and walnut creek police did release a statement late this afternoon saying in part the richmond police department is leading the investigation on the criminal matter and the walnut creek
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police department will conduct an internal administrative investigation. we're told that the woman was taken to the hospital for treatment but she had nonlife threatening injuries. i also reached out to the district attorney's office, they say that the matter is still under investigation and they should know by wednesday of next week about filing charges. reporting live in walnut creek, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> okay, thank you, christie. the search is also on in palo alto for a groper. investigators say a woman was in the back of a business on the 2300 block of park boulevard yesterday, when she said she was talking with a suspect as they looked through discarded items in the building, when the man allegedly grabbed the victim over her clothes. the woman immediately walked away and told her husband before they called police. the man is described as an asian male in his 60s, about 5'7", 160 pounds. happening now, millions of people across the u.s. are hitting the road tonight to enjoy the last unofficial weekend of summer. we want to bring you a live
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picture from our nbc helicopter. this is the 80 interchange near berkley. a lot of people heading out for the holiday weekend. the eastbound lanes backed up, slow going. it's expected to be the busiest labor day travel weekend in the u.s. since 2008 because of lower gas prices and an improving economy. and if you're heading into san francisco, don't forget about the closure of northbound 280 into the city and at&t park. caltrans is doing structural work over the holiday weekend to improve seismic safety. the closure is from the 101 interchange to king street. it's shown in red on this map. all northbound lanes shut down. southbound still open. the freeway will completely reopen tuesday morning at 5:00 a.m. labor day weekend is here, that means a lot of people heading out of town, as we can see from the traffic. >> rob mayeda joins us with a look at the forecast. >> seeing a forecast right now that's not too bad for folks heading out of town, though you might have noticed the humidity, 60s and low 70s outside and this
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humidity is the remnants of former hurricane marie. showers offshore. coming up, if we're expecting any showers to impact your labor day weekend forecast coming up in just a couple minutes. also coming up, no means no, replaced by yes means yes. a big change by college campuses. sfo, where officers received a package from germany. what creepy crawler they seized and someone tried to smuggle into the states. that's coming up. plus, she's been arrested several times for breaching security at airports. now the serial marilyn hartman says she's not the problem. who she's blaming. then at 6:00, a new idea to cut crime in the south bay and the public doesn't know about it yet. in an nbc bay area exclusive, we learned where san jose p.d. plans to get more cops. >> and the problem is the timing of it. it stinks. >> that's new at 6:00.
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boarder protection officers at san francisco international airport made an odd discovery, a package from germany to southern carolina labeled as a toy car was actually carrying 20 giant african millipedes. nbc bay area's michelle roberts is live at sfo with more on how the bugs were discovered. michelle? >> reporter: millipedes used to be sold as pets in the states, but now they are illegal. they are not dangerous to humans, but do pose a risk to one of the state's biggest industries. the airmail facility at sfo scans and processes about a million packages a month. the boxes come in as airplane cargo, each package rolls through the x-ray. >> we do get our fair share of
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counterfeit sports merchandise and per cursors to narcotics and counterfeit drugs. >> reporter: this week officers came across this styrofoam box from germany en route to vista, california. >> the package was labeled as a model toy car. >> reporter: not a toy car. >> not a toy car. >> reporter: 20 giant millipedes munching on leaves. they are illegal in the u.s. the vegetarians are considered a serious agriculture threat, but before they were banned in the states a couple years ago, millipedes like this could be found at a pet store for about $20. >> not something that we see every day. not your usual thing. >> reporter: he says the shipper in germany won't be contacted, but his name will be put on a watch list for future packages. >> the receiver will receive a notice that their package was intercepted. >> reporter: the millipedes were euthanized and are being held by the usda as possible evidence. despite the suspicion surrounding the receiver, they
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won't receive punishment. michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. developing news out of the united kingdom tonight, the country has raised its terror threat level to secure. the uk fears more than 500 citizens have gone to fight with isis and that they could return to england and bring violence with them. isis militants have been causing huge problems in northern iraq and syria. extreme level of violence causing the obama administration to do air strooiks this month. >> well, i'm just following what instructions have been given as far as staying away from real crowded tourist areas. we'll probably just be kind of low key. >> increased threat level comes with increased security across the uk. a serial stowaway says she's not to blame. marilyn hartman has been arrested three times this month for boarding planes or loitering
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in airports without a plane ticket. her most recent arrest was in phoenix on tuesday. she was also arrested on august 6th at the san jose airport for bypassing security and boarding to lax without a jail ticket. in an interview yesterday, she said she suffers from a mental illness and depression and blames authorities for letting her slip by so many times. >> why has the government allowed me to get past security points until i force the issue back in february and pretty much had to beg to be arrested? >> hartman was also arrested for similar crimes in february and also in july. it was unanimous, the state senate passed california's so-called "yes means yes" bill. uc berkley has already taken action. incoming freshmen get specifics about sexual assault, mental health, and alcohol use. school has made changes since february when 31 current and former students slammed the
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school's failure to respond properly to assault claims. >> we are very supportive of the legislation, in fact, we worked with the senator on the legislation. much of the positions of the bill we are already implemented at the university of california. >> the state's "yes means yes" bill defines sexual consent and states that drugs, alcohol, or lack of resistance do not excuse unwanted advances. governor brown has until the end of september to sign that bill. the weekend is here, let's get a check of our forecast with meteorologist rob mayeda. muggy today. >> it is. that's a good point. that is part of the weather that will take us into the labor day weekend, increased humidity and clouds, including in san jose right now. san francisco you've got the typical view, low clouds there moving right over downtown. 68 degrees right now, misty skies could start off the weekend there in san francisco and we could also see misty skies at the ballpark tonight,
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giants coming up at 7:15, cool and breezy, and you can see the haze looking in from center field out towards batting practice right now. notice the low clouds waiting to surge across the bay. on shore winds could give us drizzle and a few spots probably out towards half moon bay, see a little bit of green showing up there and we may wake up to drizzle in san francisco, too. the humidity, you probably noticed that change today and the culprit is the humidity coming up out of places like the desert southwest at times, but overnight we did have some of the clouds spilling up from the south. that's been from the former hurricane out there, which is marie, and it did bring big surf our way as we went through the last couple of days. right now we're seeing high clouds starting to spill in and that's bringing us the increased humidity. during the day tomorrow we've got clearing skies and temperatures will be warming up close to 90 degrees in morgan hill. san jose about 85 degrees and notice palo alto for tomorrow,
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keeping an eye on that with the game taking place there, stanford cardinals should see temperatures close to 8 o degrees around kickoff and half-time at the upper 70s. notice san francisco 68 degrees, the temperature trend for san jose and san francisco through the holiday weekend will be one that will see temperatures climbing up. see the temperatures climbing up maybe closer to 90 in san jose, then a big dropoff as we head into tuesday and wednesday, you'll see the temperatures start to drop down. temperatures for the north bay and tri-valley, 84 in santa rosa, pleasanton about 90 degrees. these locations, too, begin to see temperatures climbing up into the low to mid 90s sunday and monday. then tuesday and wednesday, temperatures will begin to cool down, numbers in the low to mid 80s as we head towards wednesday. labor day weekend plans look fairly warm. labor day monday, but short-term, early tomorrow, increased humidity, clouds will head off to the south, clearing
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skies, then the middle part of the week, temperatures starting to cool down as the sea breeze turns stronger, temperatures leveling off towards next week. back to you. >> thanks so much, rob. coming up, concerns about the militarization of local police. we're going to explain why some law enforcement agencies will not be getting anymore equipment. plus, prepare for more gridlock on the freeways. the new report that says labor day traffic will become normal.
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want to give you another look at traffic right now. i-80, people leaving work, some people heading for their holiday weekend, just trying to start the labor day weekend. if you don't like what you're
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seeing, a new report says you better get used to it, because heavy traffic, like holiday traffic, could be the norm. at least several days a week in the not too distant future. the u.s. travel association says without investment in our highways and roads, the average number of cars on local interstates will surpass the amount of traffic on labor day and that will happen within a decade. last night we reported that san jose police department of its own accord gave back an armored vehicle it got from the government for free. the move was in response to complaints that police forces across the country have too much military-style fire power and it's creating bad publicity. tonight we're learning that three bay area law enforcement agencies are on a list of agencies suspended from the department's defense gifting program. they include napa and san mateo. the stockton departments lost an m-16 assault rifle. san mateo county lost two of their weapons. the suspension blocks agencies from receiving more equipment until the record is cleared up,
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but they don't have to give anything back right away. a new policy should provide relief for people concerned about the automatic license plate readers. car-mounted readers are used to take pictures of thousands of license plates per minute. the device has been criticized from groups who say the police department is tracking people, but police say the information from the readers can only be kept indefinitely if it relates to a civil or criminal case. otherwise all other plate information will be purged after one year. it could mean faster response times for one neighborhood in southeast san jose. crews are getting ready to build a new fire station there. city leaders broke ground on the new location today just across the street from lake cunningham park. the fire chief says this location is key because it lets firefighters cover a lot of ground from there, all the way to the east san jose foothills. the new fire station 21 will have a company of firefighters who are looking forward to a new modern facility. >> the fire station they are at
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currently is a house. it was supposed to be just a temporary fire station to serve the community, and it's been there longer than i have been on the department, which is more than 29 years. >> the fire station is set to open in december of 2015. coming up just in time for labor day, a new app for lazy job hunters. how it works in a moment.
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okay, are you interested in finding a new job but really not up to the task?
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now there's an app for that, too. it's called poach and it just launched. poach it for employed people seeking for new jobs on the slide. you input your desired salary and benefits and when a good match is found, there you go. sounds almost too good to be true, but they say almost 70 companies are already using it and thousands of lazy job searchers have already signed up. >> technology, moving at lightning speed. okay, let's get a check of our forecast. a lot of people heading out of town, but i'm sure people will be having stay-cations, as well, here in the bay area. here's our forecast with rob mayeda. >> does look gad. warmer as we head towards monday if you're going hiking or biking around the peninsula, temperatures in the 70s or low 80s. yosemite, hot towards labor day monday, temperatures climbing in the low 90s. forecast looks just fine and a good weekend to help out wineries and businesses in wine country. they'll be waiting for you to come up and spur the local
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economy after last weekend's earthquake. mid to upper 80s in the forecast there. if you're going to stick around for monday, temperatures climbing to 90s. temperatures climbing into the 90s by monday around redwood national park, temperatures nice and comfortable. that's the place for you if you want to escape the heat. back to you. >> okay, we want to take a look at our traffic camera from our nbc helicopter that just went out, but here it is. 880 and milpitas on the left-hand side, those are the northbound lanes. not too bad for a friday afternoon. this is pretty typical for that region, but a lot of traffic on other freeways, people getting out of town and a reminder the extension into san francisco, completely closed and the giants are at home this weekend so people going to the ball game should take note of that. if you are heading out of town, busy weekend. try and stay safe. >> that's going to do it for us, thanks for joining us. nightly news is next. we'll see you at 6:00. >> hope to see you then. bye-bye.
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on the broadcast tonight, terror alert. the british government raises the threat level to severe and says isis is more dangerous than al qaeda. as the white house tries to clarify what some see as mixed signals on u.s. policy. return to racing. nascar champion tony stewart re-emerges t three weeks after s car struck and killed another driver. tonight, what stewart had to say about the tragedy. retail medicine. it's inexpensive, it's basic and it's a growing trend as big chains turn to health care. dr. nancy snyderman tonight on the pros and cons. and the bond. where the older brother goes the younger one is never left


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